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Friday, 15 Dec 2017

The Benefits of EHR


Until now, most medical practices have not had interactive websites for their patients. Two factors are driving healthcare providers to think differently: 1. Patients expect to use the web for daily living and 2. Federal regulations are driving electronic transfer of medical records.


The next generation of healthcare providers is serious about engaging patients through an interactive website experience.  EHR systems provide tremendous benefit to both the medical practice and the patient.

Physician and Administrative Staff Benefits:


  • Empowered Patient Management
    • Medical practice can make medical information available to patients.
    • 24/7 access to patient records
    • Direct Communication channel with other healthcare professionals
    • Access to healthcare knowledge bases
  • Increased Revenue
    • Potential Revenue through EHR Stimulus
    • EMR system enables accurate billing for services rendered, decreasing missed accounts.
    • Payment reminders, distributed automatically, increase collection from overdue accounts.
    • Creates new revenue streams from E-Visits
  • Reduced Administrative Costs
    • Reduce call volume with Electronic communication and online appointment scheduling.
    • Eliminates storage of paper charts and records.
    • Increase efficiency of front office with online forms; reducing data entry.
  • Enhanced and Coordinated Workflow
    • Redundant tasks are replaced with a seamless process when the portal and EHR are integrated.
    • All electronic communication between patient and medical provider is retained as a part of the medical record for efficient and effective patient information management.


Patient Benefits:

  • Communicate through secure messaging
  • Ready-access to medical provider by using E-Visit
  • Create and manage insurance and personal/family medical history
  • Online appointment request
  • Online payment of insurance co-pay
  • Prescription management
  • Online lab test results
  • Better management of personal health record through online health information