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Friday, 15 Dec 2017

Medical Record Conversion

The conversion of paper medical charts into digital records delivers quick R.O.I. through efficiencies in document organization and time savings from previously redundant tasks such as photocopying and faxing.

Using digital medical records streamlines patient record management, search and accessibility without sacrificing compliance. Digital records are stored on a local server in your office or conveniently hosted our our HIPAA compliant cloud platform. Archival of digital records for compliance is also available.

Paper records take up valuable office space and individual charts are unorganized, leading to confusion at the worst times. We work with all size and specialty medical providers to convert paper medical charts into digital records.

Most digital conversions occur when an EHR system is newly implemented or upgraded however the security and organizational benefits of digitizing records are powerful tools no matter your practices technology goals.

We take a consultative approach when converting your paper records. The basic skeleton of our process is defined below and will change depending on how you want the digital records to function in your office. The benefit of our 4-step process is a high level of quality control, verified at each milestone. This control is highly valuable for it ensures that your digital records are secure and accurate.

Conversion Process:

  1. Document Preparation
  2. Scanning and Digital Conversion
  3. Digital  Record Organization
  4. Digital Record Storage and Archival

We ease the transition from paper to electronic records by creating an electronic index of your paper medical records, which is organized much like the paper system. This electronic index is search friendly and can be integrated with EHR systems.

We offer manual data entry, document scanning, and electronic conversion with optical character recognition (OCR) for a complete document conversion service.